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What To Do In Budapest

Planning a trip to Budapest?

Well – you are definitely going to have a wonderful time ahead. Often referred to as ‘Paris of East’ Budapest is one city which is the home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is the amalgamation of three towns which are Pest, Buda and Old Buda. Every year the city is visited by hundreds of travelers for its many industrial, commercial and administrative center.

There are several attractions for tourists in the city. Some of the top attractions include centuries old architecture, the entertainment zone and the vibrant cultural scene of the region. Beautiful churches and classical concerts are an integral part of the city.

Here are some of the top tourist destinations of the city.

Buda Castle and Castle Hill –

Castle Hill is the place where you will find some of the most important museums and monuments. This 200 room palace was built as a shield and was meant to offer protection from the Tartar and Mongol attacks. The Hungarian National Gallery shouldn’t be missed when you choose to visit the Castle. The entire Castle complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Castle looks stunning at night when it is illuminated.

Margaret Island –

Visitors to the city, plan a trip to this beautiful 2.5 long island which has several recreational facilities and parkland. Tourists can explore the island in the golf carts, pedal carts and other self powered vehicles.


  • The musical fountain is a popular feature of the island. The water dances magnificently to the beats of classical music.
  • There are many medieval ruins in the island which are worth a visit.


St. Stephen’s Basilica –

Those who love religious buildings, sites or monuments shouldn’t miss the St. Stephens’s Basilica. This is a holy site, where visitors are known to get a glimpse of the right hand of Stephen, who was the 1st Hungarian King. Organ concerts and classical music concerts are quite popular in the Basilica. Tourists need to book their seat for the concert in advance.

Hungarian State Opera House –

If you love Opera, spend an evening in this magnificent 1200 seat auditorium. This is said to be one of the best places to visit for operatic performances.

There are many other places of interest in the city, which includes Fisherman’s Bastion. This resembles a medieval monument which was built in neo-Gothic style. There are seven towers in the Bastion which are a representation of the seven Magyar tribes. The best time to visit this place is during sunset. The art lovers must visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which has some of the largest and the best works by some of the most talented Old Masters. There are a wide variety of Dutch, Spanish and Italian paintings in the museum.

If you are planning to visit Budapest during the holidays, remember to complete all your bookings in advance. The city has several luxury and budget accommodations to cater to the tourists. There are many shopping destinations and restaurants offering some of the most sumptuous cuisines of the region.

What to do in Vegas

Planning to visit Las Vegas?

Plan well in advance or you will simply spend your time in the casinos and eateries only! Yes, Las Vegas is most visited for its casinos and gaming opportunities, but the city has much more to offer for tourists. Do not just restrict yourself to betting – explore the city, have fun and spend a memorable holiday. If you are lucky, you are definitely going to return home a bit richer.

The City Of Casinos

Just as every other tourist visiting the city, our day started in a world famous casino. 50-year-old Caesars Palace is still one of the most frequented and recommended casinos in the city. One of the primary attractions of the city are casinos and hotels, but in the recent times, tourists have started to explore other opportunities as well. However, for those die-hard gambling fans, you can definitely buy some great ‘how to’ books on gambling for your friends back home. Downtown casinos are the most famous, though most of them have gone through a lot of renovations in the recent times.

Time to move on to the other attractions of Las Vegas –

Visit Hoover Dam – One of the largest dams of the city which offers a striking view. You can go for a guided tour or simply explore the lake from a boat. The dam is built on the Colorado river and is definitely worth a visit.

Hiking is Always a Pleasure –

Many visitors miss this amazing opportunity – the city is actually surrounded by canyons and mountains which offer a wonderful hiking opportunity throughout the year. The Red Rock National Conservation Area is offers great trails and best routes through lovely gullies which is a great trekking opportunity. In the summer months, trekking is quite popular towards the northern side of Mt. Charleston, which offers around 12000 feet elevation. Visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the forests during their trip.

Recreation and Park –

Las Vegas is a city which has a lot on offer for tourists. There are more than 68 parks in the city. There are several golf courses as well for the sport enthusiasts. The city boasts of several skates parks, community centers, soccer fields, playgrounds and much more. If you are a sports enthusiast, you have lots of opportunities to stay engaged.

Museums and Heritage Sites –

For those who are interested in historical details or would like to know more about the cultural heritage of the city need to visit Neon Museum. There are several museums which include Nevada State Museum, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum and Las Vegas Natural History Museum among many others. Plan a guided tour of the city and you will never miss the many heritage sites or the museums of the city.

The city has numerous galleries where concerts are held each year. The Las Vegas Film Festival attracts hundreds of tourists across the globe. Food lovers need not be disappointed as the best steak is available in the city. If you are a meat lover, Las Vegas is definitely the city for you.